What’s in My Gym Bag?

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One of the recent changes to my schedule is the addition of a seasonal job. I am still a graduate assistant, but in the summer my hours get halved and I don’t receive tuition reimbursement. So, I was left to find a job that would only last until fall semester starts. My hours for this job change every week, so I need to plan accordingly for workouts before shifts. This is when I realized, my gym bag has been full of the same stuff for a while now! I’m always curious as to what other people’s must-haves are, so I figured I would share some of mine with you. 🙂


First things first, my go to bag is my NASM drawstring bag that I received when I purchased my exam materials. it’s the perfect size for all my little necessities, and the side pockets help keep me somewhat organized. Before this, I had a nearly identical, brightly colored bag for years, that I still hang onto for hiking or if I just want to switch it out. Josh also has a similar bag he uses for the gym. You can find similar styles here.

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Spartan Five iPhone 5 Arm Band & Skull Candy Headphones – These are nothing special, and my arm band is almost 4 years old so it has certainly seen better days, but it has lived a long and fruitful life in those 4 years! (You can find a newer Spartan band here!) I refuse to buy a new one until I get a new phone, so hopefully it stays intact. The Skull Candy headphones, however, are my favorite and super affordable. I have small ears, and most buds don’t fit, but this is my second set of these earbuds and they’re small, stay put during HIIT, and have great quality sound for the price. I’ll likely continue to repurchase these until I find a formidable wireless set.

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Survival and Cross Jump Rope – I love this jump rope. I tend to use it to warm up, or as part of a HIIT circuit. I love that it comes with a carrying bag, is adjustable, and never seems to get tangled, despite the chaos in my gym bag. It’s also fast enough for double-unders and other speed work, which is a goal of mine.

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Mario Badescu Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea Facial Spray – I have also used the Rose Water version of this spray, and love both of them. I usually use a cleansing wipe and then spray my face with this after a sweaty workout and it just feels so nice. It also seems to keep the redness down which comes in handy if I’m headed to class after the gym.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Since I’m growing my hair our, I try not to wash it too frequently. I tend to throw this dry shampoo in my bag on days I have to shower and head to work after, but it’s not a hair washing day. Batiste is one of my favorite dry shampoos, and this scent is super clean and refreshing. It soaks up any oil and gives my fine hair lots of volume without the powdery look of most dry shampoos.

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Circular Resistance Band – I’ll be honest, I don’t use this very often. I received it free with a BeachBody program, but the quality is pretty poor – it often curls up and slides down during movements. I’m going to purchase the set I’ve linked, because I’ve heard great reviews, but for now I use it so seldomly that I’ll stick with it until I see more of a need for it. I use this mostly for warm ups, lateral squat walks, band pull-aparts, and add it into squat and hip thrust work.

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Victoria’s Secret PINK Body Mist – For Christmas, my mom gave me a set of 4 travel size Victoria’s Secret PINK scent body mists, and they’ve come in surprisingly handy! They have a variety of scents, but this is my favorite post-gym, appropriately named Fresh and Clean. I mostly use this on my spray and go days, but use it when I remember I have it!

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Simple Radiance Cleansing Wipes – I’ve tried a number of cleansing wipes and Simple’s are by far my favorite. Most leave my face feeling irritated or leave an oily residue, but these wipes remove every bit of sweat and makeup (minus mascara) post-workout, and leave my face feeling refreshed and clean. The thought of sweat sitting on my face during my commute home from the gym gives me the willies, so these are always in my bag.

Notebook / Workout of the day – I have gone through a number of notebooks to track my training, but what I use largely depends on what I’m doing that day. In the picture is a crumpled up print out of the Girls Gone Strong  (love them!) blueprint that I decided to try out for a week. My notebook contains workouts I’ve done and really enjoyed, as well as some HIIT routines from programs like Born to Sweat (love her, too!) when I forget to bring my booklet to the gym. Some days I am intuitive about my workout, but when I just want to follow along and get it done, my notebook saves me.

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Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor – I have had this heart rate monitor for 4 years (hence the blank screen, it needs a battery change from a few weeks ago!) which should tell you a little something about how I feel about it. If you’re looking for a fancy, feature-filled, blow-your-mind technologically advanced heart rate monitor, this is not the one for you. BUT, if you’re looking for an inexpensive, accurate, no-frills way to track your heart rate and calorie-burn, the Polar FT4 will serve you well. I go through phases where I use it on and off, and mostly use it for the heart rate option, to make sure I’m in a zone that’s not too high or too low. It’s comfortable, compact, and easy to clean, so as long as you don’t mind the occasional battery replacement, it’s a fantastic find.

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Last but not least, the necessities (+ socks which aren’t pictured here!) Because a day without one of these when you need them can be a serious buzzkill. 🙂

  • What’s in your gym bag?
  • What’s the one thing you can’t work out without? (For me, probably my headphones!)

Breaking Free from the Diet Mentality

This post is for the person who jumps from diet to diet. Who meticulously counts their calories and macros before each meal. Who wishes they could hit the “reset” button on all of the diet information that’s flooded their brain. This is a post about breaking out of the diet mentality, and moving toward intuitive eating.

What is intuitive eating? Intuitive eating is just what it sounds like – eating intuitively, when your body tells you, with no strict guidelines, measurements, or rules. We have this innate ability from the time we’re born, to eat when hungry, stop when full, but the overarching diet culture is amazingly effective at convincing us that there’s always a better way. (Pssst. There isn’t!)


If you’ve been reading my blog since 2013, you’ll know that I have guinea-pigged myself for years, trying diets and workouts of all shapes and sizes. I figured when my body stopped responding to one diet, it was probably time for another one.

After jumping from restrictive diet to restrictive diet, my body started to fight back. Whether I was paleo or vegan, the outcome was the same; I was mentally and physically exhausted, and I spent most of my time tweaking my diet and workouts while the scale didn’t budge. Eventually, I couldn’t do the back and forth any more. Eliminating food groups, drinking a “magic” shake, or counting every calorie was not the answer. It was a gradual process, but after I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I realized that the focus of my healthy lifestyle needed to be more about my physical and mental health, rather than the way that I looked, or following a specific plan. A healthy lifestyle does not include strict rules, and unless you are a full time fitness competitor, the same likely goes for you.

If any part of this post has made you go “oh wow, same!”, and you’re interested in intuitive eating, here are some things I learned from my own experience:

1. It takes time.

It took years for me to memorize and learn all of the pros and cons of my typical diet, or the calorie count of my usual foods. I had hoped that an intuitive approach would happen overnight and I would fall right back into a natural rhythm, but that was far from the case. I felt a little lost, and wasn’t sure how to put together a meal without calculating it in my head. I also struggled with “do I want this? Or do I just want this because it’s never been allowed on any meal plan I’ve tried?” At first, it was strange to navigate, and hard to tell when I was full or when I was hungry. (Constantly dieting throws your natural hunger cues way off.) It took almost two years to finally balance out, but there’s no such thing as a perfect journey. Which leads me to point #2 …

2. Making mistakes is (kind of) the whole point.

Yes, the main point is to get back to healthy, stress-free place with nutrition, but you can’t achieve that without making mistakes along the way. I cannot tell you how many times I deleted MyFitnessPal, only to download it again, track a day, and delete it again. Or how many times I saw the latest free meal plan from an online “fitness guru” and thought “hey, why not?!”  Through these setbacks, you start to learn your triggers, whether it’s a specific social setting, an old habit, or comments from other people. The more mistakes you make, the more aware you become, and the easier it is to recognize and change your responses or navigate situations in the future.

  • Tip: Stop following social media accounts that prompt you to play the comparison game, (Looking at you, Instagram fitness accounts!) and delete apps that tempt you to fall back into old patterns.

3. Appearance and weight loss take a back seat.

This one will be the hardest for those transitioning out of a strict dieting mentality. I’d read other people’s experiences of moving toward intuitive eating and how, almost instantly, they’d find their natural set point and it was a comfortable, perfect weight, and all of their appearance woes disappeared. I thought “this could be me!” but it wasn’t. This situation isn’t typical. When I first started to eat intuitively, I gained weight. But as uncomfortable as it made me, I knew I was listening to my body, and it was necessary to help me get back to a healthy mentality and re-establish healthy cues. Nearly two years in, I’ve lost the weight I’ve gained plus a bit more without tracking anything. Again, it took time to get to this place.

  • Tip: Put your scale in storage. If you feel a check-in is necessary, keep a journal where you talk about how you feel, rather than any numerical measurements.

4. Let go of the guilt.

I don’t think I realized how much of a crutch my meal plans and calorie-counting apps were, until I stopped using them. After all, my first step into the world of fitness, was following a bikini competition diet and training plan. It was what I knew, so abandoning it completely felt uneasy. I was also a personal trainer at the time, and when you’re a PT, people judge your ability as a professional by the way that you look. There is a lot of temptation to stick with what you know, or give into the guilt of feeling like you “should” be doing something more structured. Those thoughts don’t truly serve you, if your relationship with food is becoming more about math, justification, and guilt, rather than nourishment.

  • Tip: Surround yourself with positive resources – both in daily life and online. Seek out and surround yourself with people who are knowledgeable, and lead by example. (Keep an eye out for an upcoming post of my favorites!)

5. Nourish not only your body, but your soul, too.

I talked a lot about hunger cues, and getting them back to normal, but I should add that hunger is not the only time you should allow yourself to eat. I think this is something that comes up for a lot of people who try to stop dieting and focus on their body, where any sort of desire for food, unless their body is screaming for it, is seen as emotional eating. Emotional eating and eating something for enjoyment are not the same thing. Perhaps you’re out with your partner, and though you’ve just eaten dinner and are content, they suggest grabbing ice cream after. Do you say no, even if you’d like to, because your stomach isn’t growling? Would it be emotional eating for you to say yes? Of course not. Although food is meant for nourishment, it’s also meant for enjoyment. Guilt has no place in a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by to read, and as always, please share your experiences or thoughts in the comments!

  • Have you ever heard of intuitive eating?
  • Have you ever strictly followed a meal plan or diet? If so, how did you feel?
  • Where do you feel the diet mentality is at its worst?

Lately I’ve Been…

Good morning and happy Friday! 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with a lately post – almost two years! and although I have quite a bit of updating to do, I love these posts because they let me sift down to the informative and fun tidbits of a check-in. Please keep the conversation going in the comments, I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

Eating… Things I genuinely enjoy. One of the big shifts I’ve made since taking a hiatus from this blog is making better choices at big-picture priorities in my life. I’ve got too much going on to be consumed by what I am or am not eating. You’ll notice a lot of my previous posts, I was always justifying my meals, and moving from plan to plan – paleo, 21 day fix, vegan, you name it. Now I eat intuitively and interestingly enough, when I allow myself to eat anything I want, I end up choosing  a lot of salads, veggies, fruit, toast, smoothies, and quinoa. Keep an eye out for an updated What I Eat In A Day post. 😉

bacon tempeh rice bowl
Spinach, bacon tempeh, avocado, and grains bowl.

Drinking… Water, kombucha, chaga tea (tutorial coming soon!), seltzer water, alcoholic seltzers, and the occasional coffee or energy drink. My personal favorite is Black Bear Energy.

maine black bear energy

Reading… Textbooks! I’m still in graduate school (one year to go!) so any time I have for reading outside of the classroom is limited. When I do have time, I’ll usually turn to Audible for my reading, since it’s something I can do at the gym and on my commute. Time is precious, okay?! Luckily my program fascinates me so it’s not hard to read the books for class.

Listening… to my new audiobook, Sex Outside the Lines: Authentic Sexuality in a Sexually Dysfunctional CultureOkay, you caught me – this is course related. BUT, I could pick any book regarding sexuality that interested me, and our overall attitude toward sexuality as a country is something that has always fascinated me. I’ve just started, but I’ll be sure to do a review once I’m finished.

sex outside the lines chris donaghue

Playing… Hailee Steinfeld’s Most Girls on repeat. My workout playlist differs so much from my casual listening (Zac Brown Band and Chris Stapleton lately!); I usually go for upbeat music that makes me want to dance. This came on my playlist, and I love the message: Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful. Most girls work hard go far, we are unstoppable… I wanna be like most girls. YES. Hell yes.

hailee steinfeld

Watching… Southern Charm. Yep, total guilty pleasure – Cameran is my favorite on the show, and I remember watching her on Real World: San Diego way back in the day. She’s hilarious, always seems to say what everyone is thinking, and honestly makes the show for me. Also, I’d steal her wardrobe in a second. (Naomie’s too!)

cam bc.gif

Feeling… Really accomplished. Because of my busy-bee habits, I don’t stop and take a second to absorb what I’m doing most the time. I’ve managed a 4.0 GPA every semester (and one 3.9 – dang it!) of grad school, and have pushed myself in ways I knew I’d be uncomfortable – because I knew that’s what I needed to be better at my work. If you’d have met me five years ago, you’d know that’s a big deal.


Moving… my body in a way that’s a lot more enjoyable and functional. As much as I love, love, love lifting, I was getting tired of the same old lifts and workout split each week. I’ve been doing functional, HIIT training since December, and to be honest I just like feeling like a ninja at the gym. 😀 I’ve now transitioned to a workout style that incorporates all of the things I love: big lifts, functional movements, sprints, and distance running.

Beverley Cheng’s (of Born to Sweat) programs were huge for my switch to functional training. More on that later! 

Looking… forward to the next year and beyond. Josh and I have a couple things coming up, including a trip back to Disney in the fall! I’m also starting my internship and group practicum, will be taking the NCE at some point, and graduating next May, and I’m just really excited about everything that’s going to happen. Let’s go!

disney frozen castle

I’ve got a lot of ideas for new posts and a new direction for this blog – likely to include much more focus on mental health and self care. If you have suggestions of topics you’d like to hear about, leave a comment below 🙂

  • What are you watching, reading, playing?

Monthly Favorites: February 2017

Good afternoon, ladies and gents!

I am well overdue for an updated monthly favorites post. Despite my inactivity, I’ve managed to discover new things here and there, and I’d love to share them with you. As always, let me know what you’re loving in the comments. 🙂


Whitney Simmons


If you’re not in the business of watching YouTubers for your daily dose of fitness knowledge, you’re missing out. Double that if you’ve never heard of Whitney Simmons. She’s hilarious, fun to watch, and delivers consistent, engaging content that varies from “What I Eat in A Day” to in-depth bodybuilding workouts, and fantastic, quick videos for those new to the world of fitness. She’s quickly become a favorite, right up there with Nikki Blackketter. If you’re not saying “hot fire flames” as a result, you haven’t watched enough videos. 😉

Becca Bristow


Becca is a Registered Dietitian, newlywed, and dog-mom to this cute little pup, Rosie. She posts informative “The Skinny On…” videos on certain health food categories, What I Eat In A Day posts, for those looking to make easy, healthy, meals, and has recently started to vlog. She also has a great series of videos on her process of wedding planning, and tips and tricks for new brides.


Essence Brow Gel


Like most girls my age, I over plucked my eyebrows into oblivion in high school. Ever since, it’s been a slow and steady process of growing them back. The bad news: I naturally don’t have much hair on the tails of my brows. The good news: I’m getting really good at enhancing what I’ve got! I typically use my NYX microbrow pencil in Espresso to fill in the gaps and define, but this Essence Make Me Brow is an awesome addition – it helps fill in the sparseness and hold my brows in place, and overall gives it a nice, clean look. Also? It’s only $2.99! Sold.

L’Oreal Blend Artist Foundation Blender


I know, I know. Makeup sponges have been getting a lot of attention and I’m late to the game, but hey, I’m here! I always wanted to try the beauty blender but couldn’t justify spending $25+ on a tool I didn’t really have a need for. However, since October I’ve been dealing with either eczema or heat rash around my eyelids, neck and ears, and I’ve been struggling to find a way to blend out my undereye concealer. When I saw a review from RachhLoves on a comparable beauty blender for $6, I decided to give it a go. Best decision ever. It works best when slightly damp, and blends out flawlessly. It’s made my morning routine significantly quicker and less stressful, which alone is well worth the $6.


Passion Planner


I’m a busy gal, but scheduling events and assignments on my phone has never worked for me. I’m lucky if I remember to text people back (sorry!), let alone remember to set all the appropriate reminders for each day of the week. What I love most about the passion planner is how concise it is while still leaving room for reflection and creativity. I’m able to look at my week in a snapshot, but also take notes, doodle, and visualize my entire schedule by the half hour. The prompts and mind-mapping are a huge plus, as they help me break down my big goals into smaller, attainable ones. I will absolutely be repurchasing a new one at the end of the year.

Amazon Basics Silpats


I had heard of silpats before but had always assumed they were for baked goods, not necessarily other baked foods. While they are great non-stick tools for baked goods, they’re also fantastic for people who don’t want to use a lot of oil to bake in general. I use mine mostly for tofu, and sweet potatoes, because it gives them both a perfect crispy – without oil! It also makes cleanup super simple. If you’re constantly baking with aluminum foil, hate washing pans, or just want a healthy alternative to oil, give them a try.

  • What are you loving this month?
  • What’s one kitchen tool you can’t live without?

Change is Good.

If you’re still following this blog, hello!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. In nearly every previous post I’ve mentioned my hectic schedule with grad school and thanked readers for your patience – this one is no different!

However, I did take some time to think about what I want this little corner of the internet to become. As much as I love fitness and food, (I’m happy to say) they come secondary to other things in my life.

Although I’ll continue to post workouts, recipes, and health-centered content, I want to also build a community around the other things that take up so much of my time and thought: mental health, self-care, and overall wellness. I also love the occasional beauty and lifestyle post, so you’ll find that here, too.

My aim is to not become so personal that it’s no longer helpful or interesting to my readers, but I also want to keep an honest real-life flow in my posts. So while some days I’ll talk about my adventures over the weekend, there will also be days I talk about helpful self-care tactics, workout programs, and food and beauty favorites.

So thanks for sticking around and let me know: what would you like to see more of?

Monthly Favorites: July 2016

Happy August! Eight months of 2016 are over! Finished! Done! This is craziness. August is going to be a very busy month on my end. I’ve got two weeks left of my summer assistantship, then I’ll be heading to New York to visit family, to Boston for the Zac Brown Band concert (SO EXCITED!) and then a week of vacation and calm before a baby shower to finish out the month. Whew! Oh, and my birthday. I’ll be 28 in 3 days and starting my fall semester in 27 days. I have a feeling August will one of those months that flies by. Hopefully we’ll make time for some rest and relaxation before this semester begins!

Backing  up to July – it was a busy month of visits, weddings and lots of travel on Josh’s end. Below are some of my favorites of the month. Comment and let me know what you’ve been loving! 🙂


Yoga With Adriene

If I haven’t mentioned Adriene’s channel yet, this is way overdue! I had done her workouts here and there throughout the past few years, but in May I started her 30 day challenge. Having the structure of a yoga session each day and the ease of accessing it online were both just bonus points for an already awesome channel. Adriene’s workouts are catered to all levels with variations throughout, and her personality and honest coaching throughout the videos made her an automatic favorite. I will be incorporating a lot more yoga into my routine, courtesy of her channel!


Trader Joe’s (Vegan) Dark Chocolate

I assumed chocolate would be off the list of indulgent treats after deciding to eat mostly plant-based, but I was wrong! Trader Joe’s actually offers a number of chocolate bars that are made without dairy, and judging by the taste alone, you’d never guess it. I don’t typically eat a lot of chocolate, but will add in a square every now and then when I’ve got a sweet tooth after dinner.


Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration – SPF 30

My bottle looks different from this one, but it’s the same formula and I upped the SPF to 30 instead of 15. This spray sunscreen quickly became a favorite because it does exactly what it says it will: it’s hydrating without being sticky, and actually shields your skin from the sun unlike other spray sunscreens that fade quickly.  The tropical smell is the cherry on top! (But it doesn’t smell like cherries… 😉 )


Simply Quinoa

Alyssa’s YouTube channel, Simply Quinoa, is a fantastic resource for plant-based and gluten free recipes. Her  “What I Eat In A Day” videos show super simple, super healthy meals that look amazing, but you’d never think to put together. Her channel has been a huge help in my meal prep the past month and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to eat a more whole foods, plant-based lifestyle!

tennis ball

Foam Rolling & Tennis Ball Rolling

I used to be able to work out, do some static stretching, and be on my merry way. After I started my personal training, job, however, I realized that being on my feet and moving through workouts all day, that I’d developed plantar fasciitis. When stretching and new shoes still didn’t fully the trick, I started rolling out the tightness with a simple tool: a tennis ball. I’ve used it ever since, and this month it came in especially handy when I needed to roll out tight traps. If you get tight, sore muscles that you can’t seem to find relief for, try this easy, affordable option!

“Spiked” Seltzers

Truth be told, I don’t drink very often, but we’ve had a few special occasions in the month of July, so I found myself celebrating more than usual. My drink of choice? Any seltzer. I’ve tried each of these brands and they’re almost identical, at least when it comes to the lime flavor which is my go-to. I love these because they’re low carb, low sugar, and in any additives and dyes. Most importantly, though, they’re super refreshing so they make a perfect summertime drink!

Monthly Favorites: June 2016

Holy. Moly. This year is more than halfway over. Think about that for a second. It’s cliche, but time really does fly by so much faster the older you get.

Anyway, how was your fourth? 🙂 We spent the long weekend visiting Josh’s parents, hanging out with his brother, and barhopping around the Old Port, playing tourist!

Shipyard changed their brewery tasting layout and it’s no longer free, but you can get a 4 ounce flight of beer for $4. It was well worth it, and I’ve decided that Shipyard makes the best summer / fruity but not sweet beers. I opted for Island Time, Sunfish, Fireberry Tea Brew, and Melon Head. They were all delicious, but Sunfish almost always takes top for me – I’m a sucker for grapefruit beer!

My first summer session ended on Sunday and I started my second session today. I’m really happy with the way I structured my classes and am so glad I opted not to take the entire summer off. By August, I’ll have knocked off an additional 9 credits and be in the zone to head into the fall semester.

It’s been a while since I did a Friday Favorite, and I think I’ve decided to change these posts to be more of a Monthly Favorite for the time being. School is crazy, and I honestly haven’t had the chance to try much new stuff since I started my program! Monthly will allow me to give a wider range of products and more in-depth reviews. Below are some of my June Favorites! Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments. 🙂

Rose Hip Oil


This stuff has done more for my skin than any other product. I first learned about it from Julie at PBFingers, and she’s right on the money. This oil has evened out my skin tone, helped prevent new blemishes, healed years of acne scars, and moisturizes while sinking in pretty quickly. It’s also supposed to help with wrinkle reduction but I don’t have enough wrinkles quite yet to notice a big difference. It only takes me about 4-5 drops for my entire face (less if I’m wearing it under sunscreen during the day) and I can’t say enough good things about it. Considering you can get a huge bottle for only $14 on Amazon, it’s an awesome deal.

Power Smoothie found on Buzzfeed (my version!)


I love me a solid green smoothie, but have a hard time finding ones that don’t require a ton of fruit to balance out the greens. However, this recipe has been my go to and it is the perfect combination of sweet, green, refreshing and filling. The only changes I make are I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of soy, and add in 3 drops of vanilla stevia to make up for the sweetness. It. Is. SO. Good. I’ve had this nearly every other day for a few months now, sometimes subbing in berries for the pears and kale for the spinach. It’s a delicious, quick breakfast!

Super Cortisol Support


At my most recent doctor’s appointment, my doctor expressed concern about my stress levels. While stress isn’t something new to me, graduate school, work, and struggles with my thyroid may have been exacerbating it a bit. While this hasn’t necessarily helped with weight loss, it has given me a clearer mind and helped me manage my stress levels a bit better. There is a noticeable difference in my mental clarity when I do not take it, especially around bedtime, so this one will definitely be repurchased.

Bigelow Lemon Ginger Herb Tea with Probiotics


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge kombucha fan – when I have my bad days where I feel absolutely awful, no matter what I eat (or don’t) I typically reach for a kombucha and it helps significantly. However, kombucha is pricey, and I need to keep it to the occasional treat rather than a daily thing. Enter this tea, which has a similar flavor to my favorite kevita drink, and has probiotics as well! Granted, it isn’t as effective as kombucha, it does help settle my stomach. Not to mention, it’s delicious!

Summer Dresses from Old Navy

If you’re in need of comfortable, flattering summer dresses and don’t want to spend much, hit up Old Navy – but wait for a sale. Old Navy is affordable as is, but I scored all three of the above dresses for $7-$20 each. The left one I have in black and pink, both costing me $7. The one on the right, I purchased in black and is a little dressier – would be great to wear to a wedding, or casually. The center one is my favorite, a fitted striped ponte dress that cinches in at the waist. I’m debating wearing it to a wedding this summer but it’s also the perfect dress for work. I’ve bought many Old Navy items and the quality holds up, in my opinion! All of my money goes to school, books and basic living necessities, so it’s nice to still look cute without breaking the bank. 🙂

Soap & Glory Righteous Body Lotion


I’ve had the Hand Food lotion from Soap & Glory on and off for years, but only recently tried out their body lotion. I found it on sale at Ulta, and I’m completely obsessed with the smell; clean, semi-sweet and super feminine. While the smell alone sold me, I ended up loving the formula, too. The scent stays put and it packs some serious moisture, staying put until my next shower everyday.

  • What’s your favorite product of the summer so far?
  • Happy July!!